My Say: Goodwill and Understanding Prevalent in Health Clinics

By Jerry Francis

It saddened me recently to see a doctor in a government hospital in Negeri Sembilan burst out in anger at being confronted by a patient.

It was obvious that the doctor was stressed after having to treat a large number of outpatients in the clinic.

Therefore to be questioned while he was busy attending to a patient could cause anyone, not just the doctor, to get angry without thinking of the consequences.

It is well known that doctors, nurses and various other orderlies in government hospitals and health clinics are generally polite and understanding towards members of the public.

I have been experiencing it in the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital and health clinics throughout Ipoh. In fact, their attitude toward members of the public is the best compared to any other government departments and agencies.

I am sure that those, who have been seeking treatment from the hospitals and health clinics, will vouch for it. To this, I like to say ‘syabas’ and keep up the good work.

With the cost of medicines on the rise, the number of Malaysians seeking outpatient treatment at government hospitals and health clinics in the country is swelling day by day.

The situation is no different in Ipoh where hundreds of people, especially senior citizens and those not covered by insurance or employers’ panel of doctors, are seen daily at the government health clinics.

It is because of the good attitude shown by the medical staff, we find there are more praises than complaints about the services coming from those seeking treatment.

Well, of course, one needs to wait before being attended to. If you can’t wait, then go somewhere else where you will have to pay a higher cost for the services.

One needs to wait at the registration for the number, at the consultation room to see the doctor and then at the pharmacy to collect medicines.

The patients know and accept the long wait, which can sometimes be as long as three hours.

However, the friendly manner of the hospital and clinic staff helps to ease some of the pains and concerns of those who come for treatment.

As a result, there is always an atmosphere of goodwill and understanding among the patients as they wait for their number to be called.

At times, a staff member of the hospital would listen patiently to an elderly person, who was either hard of hearing or could not speak and understand Malay.

Due to the prevalent goodwill in the clinics, there is always someone from among the patients stepping forward to help or be an interpreter whenever such a situation arises.

It is also very common to see somebody helping a total stranger in a wheelchair or with crutches. There is no racial barrier as they assist each other and get into conversation.

Such inspiring situations have given me much hope about the future of our country despite talks that we are heading towards disunity.


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