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By Gisele Soo

While some are wandering around aimlessly, others are enjoying home-cooked food prepared by their loved ones. The Movement Control Order (MCO), enforced by the government on March 18 to contain the spread of Covid-19, is being observed by Ipohites in general. This is a welcome change indeed.

Kim Yian

“Everyone should practise social distancing and good personal hygiene. Just stay indoors and avoid going outside,” said 51-year-old Kim Yian, a mother of three.

“We’ve been told to stay at home yet there are those who refuse to listen. How are the authorities going to contain the disease?” she lamented.

“I’m enjoying the time with my family. It’s a rare opportunity for us because I’d usually be occupied with my work while my kids spend most of the time in their rooms, studying,” she remarked. “Now, we eat and discuss matters of common interest together.”


Home-cooked pasta


According to Choy Ying, 74, she is concerned for her family since the onset of the disease. This has led to a change in her family’s lifestyle.

Choy Ying

“The situation forces me to take precautionary measures such as washing my hands regularly and wearing masks. Thankfully, I neither do takeaways nor eat out,” she said. “I prefer cooking my own food rather than eating out. Even during weekdays, I’d prepare my own meals.”


When asked about people stocking up due to the disease she replied, “I saw people hoarding toilet paper instead of food. They’re so selfish. I was shocked to see empty shelves everywhere, in malls, supermarkets and convenience stores. It’s simply ridiculous.”

Are takeaways and delivered food safe for consumption?

“There’s no evidence that Covid-19 is transmitted through food,” said European Food Safety Authority, Marta Hugas. “The virus spreads from person to person, mainly via respiratory droplets when people sneeze, cough or exhale.”

To be on the safe side, do not rely on outside food. Start cooking at home.



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