Who’s in the Club Today? – Ah Toh (Episode 6)

As Ah Foong stands dreaming about food at the Fan Tan table, down in the kitchen Ah Toh is putting his dreams into reality. She is almost part of the furniture of the Club as she has been a housekeeper and cook for longer than anyone can remember.

Legend has it that at some time in the past she was a young and pretty Dulang Washer who was snapped up by an old mining boss as one of his concubines. Sadly he has left this world and, penniless. she became the Club’s cook.

She has already prepared everybody’s favourites, Pigs feet in Vinegar and Drunken Chicken. Now she is at the wok, for no meal in the Club can be without Hakka Mee.

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Ian Anderson

A retired Royal Naval Commander and Permanent Resident of Malaysia, has lived in-country since 1989. A heritage enthusiast, born in 1939, he is the man behind ipohWorld, (http://www.ipohworld.org) Ipoh’s not-for-profit heritage company sponsored by Kinta Properties. A world-wide traveller who has visited more than 70 countries and who owned his own museum for more than 20 years, has a wealth of experience in heritage and history. An accomplished author and speaker, he edited, compiled and sponsored the popular book, ‘Ipoh, My Home Town’.

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