Who’s in the Club Today? – The Opium Smokers (Episode 13)

Opium did not differentiate between Towkays and coolies. Those that smoked suffered. There was no way out. Akira understood the torture that smokers went through and was often found in the Club’s Opium Den. Two of her regular ‘Patients’, Wong and Tong, always needed help.

Today the two of them are there, lying comatose, on two of the four available beds. On the right is Wong in a blue gown. He is sleeping peacefully, probably dreaming the most common dream – Girls! He once confided in Akira and took her through one sexually erotic experience the drug had brought him. She was not embarrassed.

Tong, on the other bed has just woken up but not yet aware of it. By the look on his face his dream was a horror filled nightmare. This is where Akira can help to bring him back to reality and the tin mine he owns.

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