To Go Home Again

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in his televised address yesterday (April 23) announced that the MCO is to be further extended till May 12 (fourth phase) with slightly loosened restrictions.

This will allow almost 100,000 university students who remain in campuses in times of uncertainty to return home soon, as the process of bringing them home starting April 27 is being planned by the government with advice from the Ministry of Health. For instance, a student must be healthy, without any COVID-19 symptoms, and with family home located in green zones.

Parents are advised to remain patient.

For individuals stuck in their hometowns (or other places) before the MCO commenced and wish to return home, the government is considering a one-time pass permitting them to make their journey.

However, they will have to apply for the permission with the Royal Malaysian Police either online (Gerak Malaysia app) or at the nearest police station by appointment from April 25 onwards. Of course, the individual must be healthy and does not display any symptoms before starting the journey.

In addition, the government may consider allowing the resumption of operations of certain sectors and sub-sectors on a stage-by-stage basis and strict regulations.

Details, said the PM, will be released soon.

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