Mother’s Day With A Difference

Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to honour those beautiful souls we call mother. They never fail to love us, and no matter how grown a child is, to a mother, he/she will always remain as a baby. They are ready to give all that they have but expect nothing in return. As of 2020, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 10. During this day, many would treat their mothers for dinner but due to the recent movement control order (MCO), restaurants throughout the state are not available for dine-in.

Ipoh Echo explored and found a few interesting responses about Mother’s Day. 

Mathuri Sahatheven (right) with her mother

According to Mathuri Sahathevan, 24, an Ipoh based teacher, MCO has not stopped her from celebrating Mother’s Day. “Me and my brother bought a blender which my mum has been asking for quite some time. It is not as fancy as taking her for dinner but I’m sure that my mother would love the gift as it is a gift from the heart. MCO has taught me a few valuable lessons but I think the most important of it all is that I got to spend more time with my mother. Being a teacher with a tight schedule can be challenging at times. Hence, this time has given me the opportunity to be with my mother more,” she said.

Isaac Jaberaj

“As for now, I will be giving my mother flowers but once MCO is lifted, I’ve planned to take my mum out for dinner,” said 21-year-old student Isaac Jaberaj. With all the recent restrictions, nothing has stopped Isaac from doing something special for his beautiful mother. “I’ve never surprised her before but I’m really hoping that everything will go as planned. No matter what I do, it will never be enough to repay all that she has done for me. My mother is a gift from God as well as those mothers who are currently serving as front liners,” he added. 

Nurshameera Salim

As for Nurshameera Salim, 24, she stated that a mother should be appreciated everyday and not just on this day. “Despite our busy schedule, we should take this day and make our mothers happy because she deserves all the love. Therefore  I’ve decided to just spend and cherish this day with my mother by putting away all my work and gadgets. A woman is always strong and bold. From being a mother to serving the country as a front liner, she has sacrificed a lot just so that we can have a better life,” she enthused. 

Jeremiah Jonathan with his mother

During an interview with Jeremiah Jonathan, 19, he said that Mother’s Day this year would be rather different compared to the years before. Being an active person in church, he often spends his Mother’s Day morning with his mum and during the evening, he would celebrate in church. “This year it will be different, I could not do much but to just surprise my mum with a bouquet of flowers. My mum serves as a front liner and watching her go to work can be rough at times but I’m proud that my mum could contribute for the country and that is why she is my superhero,” he told Ipoh Echo. 

As for Ipoh based business VA Fresh Trading, owners Aaron Raj and Hare Haren Rao, running a business especially during MCO can be challenging. “To be honest, our business has slowed down , but our loyal customers are what still keeps us going. To run a business, you should be able to face the ups and downs but if you are able to provide quality service, your customers will keep coming back. Of course, MCO has given a great opportunity to all those online businesses and delivery services to earn more. With proper marketing strategy, although we faced a slight drop in business, we still managed to get the business going,” explained Aaron Raj. 

When asked about his business for Mother’s Day this year, Aaron mentioned that he received a great number of customers this year requesting for surprise bouquet delivery. “What better way than to give flowers during this day as flowers represent beauty and new beginnings. Besides just giving us an important lesson to appreciate things, MCO has made many children realise the importance of their parents especially the unfailing love of a mother,”. 

Ipoh Echo would like to wish all mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for your unconditional love.



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