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Why is DIY better?

The love of craftsmanship has diminished as people are consumed by the convenience of technology. Hence, creating and making things are always the last resort for most people these days.

Many people find themselves asking, ‘When I can buy them easily, anywhere, why waste my time making them?’

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gives you an opportunity to create your own personal style as well as sharpen your skills. Making a whole raft of things from scented candles to a DIY bed frame! The benefits are endless as you can become your own handyman. The tools are relatively cheap and can be obtained at any hardware store.

Here are five reasons why DIY is better.


Enhances creativity

To be infused with new ideas, first, you have to be inspired. One adapts quicker from firsthand experiences than watching someone else do it. Besides, you can produce your own signature style as you can add in your own touch.

“You don’t need to be a carpenter to carve a wooden chair. Ask yourself, what you want to be done and get on with it,” exclaimed a passionate 33-year-old hobbyist who works at an accounting firm.

“The items I made are my most cherished possessions. I’d say the time spent in making them is a small price to pay for the excitement. And I want to keep doing it,” he added.

Connects deeper with the environment

Do-it-yourself projects encourage you to make use of local products, used products, as well as recycled and upcycled old pieces.

Imagine, picking up an abandoned wood piece and turning it into a stationery holder, a wooden mallet, or anything useful and it would evoke a sense of satisfaction.

Make friends with mutual interest

DIY is fulfilling and expands your social circle. You will meet people who share the same passion as you through online platforms or at classes you attend. You will be more receptive of others’ ideas as they give you a wider perspective of the projects you are working on.

Relieves stress

‘The best favour you can do to yourself is keeping yourself occupied.’

When you are immersed in something, it will distract you enough that it takes your attention away from stress. Thus, making you feel at ease and more in control.

“I’ve been writing for a year now. It’s not a smooth sailing career, there are days ideas flow freely and then there are the days I can’t write not even half a page no matter how much I push myself,” explained Sam, a freelance blogger.

“I’d engage in other activities like making paper crafts, it soothes my mind. I feel peaceful,” she added.

Gives a sense of appreciation

You learn to cherish and embrace the slice of life moments. Indeed, the best way to learn is by allowing yourself to make mistakes and have the courage to accept failures. Of course, it is easier said than done.

More so, the benefits weigh out the amount of time spent as the process is more cost efficient and eco-friendly. It is the effort and determination that counts.

“Doing things with your own hands will make you more appreciative of life. They’re not merely old items, they carry values if you put them to good use,” Sam highlighted.

“It’s like a reward when you finally finished the mini DIY project you have been putting on hold for ages,” she exclaimed.

DIY projects may be time-consuming and a hassle but it gets easier as you keep on going. Besides, you could be your own boss.

Here are some creative DIY Project ideas.

  1.     Candle holder/Plant holder.

  1.     DIY Missoni shoes.

  1.     Hanging string mini table.
  2.     Okra as a flower stamp.
  3.     Plastic spoon rose necklace.

  1.     Stationery holder.

  1.     Toilet paper roll wall art.
  2.     Washi tape picture frame.


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