The PWW Shop Reaches Second-Year Milestone 

By Mei Kuan

Yip Siew Keen, Co-founder of PWW and Sumathi Sivamany, President of PWW

The PWW Shop, an empowerment and social enterprise project, reached its second-year milestone on Sunday, June 21.

A treasure trove selling new and pre-loved items donated by friends and supporters, it is run by Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) where proceeds from the sale of items will be used to sustain the work of PWW.

“This little preloved shop has captured the hearts of people from all walks of life. Sharing, empowerment and support all in one when you shop at the PWW shop,” Sumathi Sivamany, President of PWW shared with Ipoh Echo.

Pre-loved accessories

All-time favourites at the boutique shop are creations of local craftsmen including multi-purpose baskets woven by the Penan tribes, handmade bags by women working from home, cloth masks sewn by the Orang Asli women, knitted toys by refugees and tiffin carriers hand painted by survivors of domestic violence, people with disabilities, vulnerable youth and residents of shelter homes. Did I mention they all come with affordable price tags?

Baskets woven by the Penan tribes

In addition to being a platform for women writers to promote their books, The PWW Shop has organised skill learning classes for women on preparing hampers, fruit baskets, flower baskets, saree tying and English language communication skills among others which inspired them to start their own business with the aid of PWW.

Multi-purpose bags woven by the Penan tribes 2
Cloth masks sewn by the Orang Asli women
Clutches woven by the Penan tribes


During the pandemic and the imposed MCO, The PWW Shop has fed and provided provisions to hundreds of the vulnerable, needy and their families.

Meanwhile, PWW is a registered, apolitical, non profitable and non-governmental organisation (NGO) set up in 2003 to enhance the status and lives of women in Perak irrespective of their race, religion and social background.

It is run by a group of dynamic women volunteers who aim to empower women to stand with dignity and be treated with respect.

Handpainted tiffin carriers

Besides organising multiple talks and empowering programmes, PWW has supported and helped women in crisis especially those in domestic violence relationships. For instance, PWW has counselled and advised many women on legal matters pertaining to domestic violence.

The PWW Shop opens daily during the RMCO from 10am till 3pm located at 15, Market Street, Ipoh. The PWW Shop welcomes any donation of new or preloved items which are in good condition. For more exciting updates, visit its Facebook page

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