Spinach Chips Earning Returns for Yusoff 

For retired lorry driver Md Yusoff Sulaiman, his hobby of planting various herbs and vegetables as a pastime helped him earn income for his family instead.

He started his small farm just outside his house at Medan Klebang Restu, Chemor  in late 2019. Yusoff expanded the farm by 0.2 hectares some time in March before the Movement Control Order. 

Yusoff’s farm outside his house

“Besides spinach planted in 150 styrofoam boxes and pegaga in 500 polybags, I also planted King’s salad leaves,” Yusoff mentioned. “We initially sold the vegetables in a market. Spinach was sold around RM10 to RM12 per two kilogramme, but seeing that we did not make much, my wife decided to fry the spinach leaves into chips.”

According to his son, Shazriel Yushamiel, currently pursuing further studies at Universiti Malaya, who also helps out with promoting the spinach chips online at Twitter and WhatsApp, they are currently out of stock due to overwhelming response since they were featured in Malay Mail.

“One jar of spinach chips is sold at RM22 (equivalent to about 250 grammes),” he said. “To  date, my parents have made more than RM1,100 selling jars of spinach chips. Most of our customers are from Klang Valley.”

Asked about  the organic standards, Yusoff said, “We only use organic wastes such as banana skin and egg shells to produce compost as fertilisers for our plants. Plus, our house is located near an oil palm plantation and cars rarely pass by.”

For more information regarding deliveries, readers may contact Shazriel at 011 3105 1554. 

The article by Malay Mail can be found here.


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