Pengkalan Permai an Exemplary RPT in Ipoh 

Pengkalan Permai RPT has been recognised by Ipoh City Council (MBI) as an exemplary RPT (planned resettlement housing estate) for the residents’ team effort in clearing their surrounding areas.

Also present was the Ipoh mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, who presented an appreciation certificate to the RPT’s resident representative, Ahmad Hamdi, today on July 18.

The clearing effort by the RPT residents is in line with the ‘3P3S Kendiri’ (self-regulated lot bush-clearing) programme by MBI, aiming to bring awareness to the public, especially vacant land lot owners, regarding their responsibilities in ensuring environmental cleanliness as a culture.

“Apart from MBI, Ipohites should also make sure that their living environment is clean and comfortable,” Rumaizi posited. “With the 3P3S Kendiri programme, it not only reduces the risk of getting infected with dengue fever disease but also prevents wild animals from entering their surroundings.”

Since the establishment of the RPT’s WhatsApp group on June 20, out of 89 private lot owners, 22 lots have been cleared by the owners themselves without having to be notified by the council.

“Through this recognition, hopefully, a society with a first-class mindset can be realised,” Ahmad Hamdi expressed. “With the power of a community, nothing is impossible.”


Chris Teh

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