PUS Found in Public Now Under Investigation

The Perak State Health Department (JKNP) has received information about a viral photo in social media regarding a person under surveillance (PUS) who returned from another country.

In the photo, the PUS was seen having a meal at a public premise in Ipoh.

According to the Health Director of JKNP, Dato’ Dr Ding Lay Ming in a statement dated yesterday on July 23, the PUS was recognised by the public based on a pink-coloured bracelet worn by the said individual.

“The bracelet was dated July 4, 2020, in which the PUS was believed to have arrived at an international entrance (PMA) on the specified date,” she explained. 

“Following that, an investigation committee was formed on state and district levels to look further into received information,” Ding added. “The committee is assisted by the Royal Malaysia Police to facilitate investigation.

“The objective is to determine the PUS’ non-compliance to quarantine guidelines based on the Home Surveillance Order given by health frontliners at any PMA in Malaysia to returning individuals,” she elaborated. “If convicted, the PUS will be charged accordingly.”

The Ministry of Health (MOH) appreciates the public’s prompt cooperation in reporting such incidents to prevent further spread of COVID-19 among the community.


Rosli Mansor

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