Malaysia COVID-19 Now at 84th Place

According to a report from the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia, some 223,000 confirmed worldwide daily COVID-19 cases were recorded latest today on July 29. This was an increase compared to yesterday (July 28) at just 222,000 cases.

Malaysia now sits at 84th place, with 8,943 confirmed cases, covering 8,607 recovered cases (96.24 percent), 124 deaths (1.39 percent) and 212 active cases (2.37 percent).

Yesterday, the country was hit with a record 39 new confirmed cases, a sudden spike from just seven cases the day before (July 27). 

MOH stated that the government is ready to re-enact the original Movement Control Order (MCO) anytime should new cases skyrocket to three-digit in the near future.

Meanwhile, the top three countries with the most cases, the United States, Brazil and India, recorded an addition of 62,000, 26,000 and 44,000 cases respectively today. The U.S. and Brazil showed an increase of cases from just 56,000 and 23,000, while India showed a decrease from 51,000 cases the day before.

Recovery rate has increased 60.37 percent (equivalent to roughly 10 million cases) in comparison to the day before at just 60 percent (equivalent to roughly 9.86 million cases).

Ipohites, let’s do our part in keeping the community safe by following SOPs set by the government while out and about. Wash and sanitise hands frequently, wear face masks and avoid going to crowded places. The fight against the deadly pandemic is far from over. Never let our guard down.


Chris Teh

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