Book Review: Grow Young & Healthy, Naturally 

By Mei Kuan

Betty Lau Khoo-Kingsley

As people are getting more health conscious, the health-oriented movement is accelerating and informational books are flying off the shelves. To add to the mounting stock of information on health and wellness topics, the hot-off-the-press book “Grow Young & Healthy, Naturally” authored by Betty Lau Khoo-Kingsley complete with an insert on how to avoid COVID-19 and other viral infections by Dr Amir Farid Isahak sounds like a winner.

This not-for-profit, self-published book contains a collection of 17 true stories of common folks (including 76-year-old Betty herself) of multiple ethnicities from the age 32 to 92 who retain or regain the youthful glow and boundless energy we all long for.

From inspiring to motivating and everything in between, there’s bound to be something you can relate to as they unveil their moments of epiphany with life-changing health advice akin to the classic bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

Betty compiled all that knowledge on back-to-basics foods and lifestyle choices into simple, attainable advice for everyone in this 210-page paperback.  

“What we have in common is this: all overcame enormous challenges – health (tuberculosis, cancer, emphysema etc), divorce, early death of spouse, parent, poverty and life in dog-eat-dog fast-lane to waking up. This book shares our journey to wholeness, wellness and healing of mind, body and spirit with this urgent message: the only way for us, individually and collectively, to survive and thrive on Mother Earth is to go back to nature and to as natural a way of life as possible,” explained Betty.

Betty is a fashion-lifestyle editor (Singapore) turned environmental and natural health activist, gardener and eco-educator. She also penned the “Conversations with My Spirit Guide” in 1996, “Cancer Cured Naturally” in 2007 and “Cancer Cured & Prevented, Naturally” in 2009.

“Together we can develop a new green economy in harmony with nature,” she highlighted, citing that the safest way back to health and wholeness is to “get into the garden and let food be thy medicine.”

The pull-out

Published in June with over 60 pages of full colour pictures, one will be more than ready to shake up their own life after reading this portable yet well-researched book. One only wishes one had discovered this book earlier.

With an affordable price tag of RM36 per book inclusive of the 12-page pull-out, Perakeans may obtain a copy by post by contacting Betty via Whatsapp (+60 137060017) or email:

It is also available in selected outlets (Dr Amir Farid Isahak’s clinic in Kuala Lumpur or True Health Pharmacy in Johor Bahru).

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