‘Light and Sound’ Project to Benefit All and Regenerate Tourism Economy

Following concerns raised by Ipohites towards the Light and Sound project being built at Ipoh Padang, the state government explained that the project is to re-enliven the state’s tourism sector heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the State Executive Councillor for Housing, Local Government and Tourism, Dato’ Nolee Ashilin Mohamed Radzi, the project allocated with RM5 million is in line with the government’s hope to attract more visitors to Ipoh.

“I’d like to stress that the upgrading works entailed in the project do not involve chopping off trees or modifying the original structure of Ipoh Padang,” she reiterated. “The works include building a projection mapping system for the light and sound project, a control room, improvements of public toilets and plaza, along with the existing landscape.

“The government is ever-sensitive and shares the same aspiration with the public towards the importance of preserving historical values of Ipoh Padang,” Nolee Ashilin stated.

“Upgrading works in Kinta Riverfront involve improving existing shop lots, both steel bridges synonymous with the place, public toilets, pedestrian pathways, landscape and lighting,” she further elaborated. “RM6 million was allocated for this.

“Apart from attracting more visitors, both projects will surely be highly beneficial to Ipohites and businesses around Ipoh Padang and along Kinta Riverfront, whose income sources largely depend on tourism activities,” Nolee Ashlin mentioned. “Both are expected for completion by early January next year.

“Regarding the issue of absent statement boards to detail both projects, the contractors will plop them immediately,” she also said. 

Nolee Ashilin expressed hope that all parties involved gain traction with the state government in stimulating the domestic economy through the tourism sector.

“This will surely help in defending the fate of the public in generating more income in the future,” she posited.


Rosli Mansor & Chris Teh

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