Art of Sushi

How much do we know about sushi?

Sushi is one of the most popular dishes in Japanese cuisine. Little do we know, however, that sushi is not just about fresh raw fish or meat slices. 

In fact, the dish can be styled very differently from fresh fish to meat-free and vegetarian!

Nutritionist Tan Shi Peang, the founder of One Platform Resources, hosted ‘Art of Sushi Class’ on Sunday, September 27. 

Ipoh Echo had the opportunity to experience first hand what it was like to make vegan and vegetarian sushi. With no knowledge on the subject whatsoever, I attended the class.

All eight participants listened attentively to the demonstration by the instructor, Grace Pu. The four-hour workshop covered knife techniques, the right way to press the rice down and how to NOT make a mess when rolling sushi. 

Besides learning how to make sushi, participants also received some lessons on how to plate them. Among the types of sushi made were Inari sushi, fruit roll and hand roll. 

Inari sushi, vinegared rice stuffed in a fried tofu pocket has always been my favourite. We made four pieces and each was topped with different items: ginger flakes, diced dragon fruit, mango slices and kiwi. 

In addition, students were taught how to make vegan mayonnaise which gives a tangy flavour. 

As a participant myself, I would say the hardest part was rolling sushi while making sure the fillings were intact. One also has to pay a little extra attention when pressing down the rice as one wrong step will alter the taste. 

During the demonstration, Grace shared the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits to the students. 

I was satisfied over how well the finished product turned out! All credit goes to Tan and Grace. 

Healthy eating is not only about getting rid of dry skin or wrinkles but also understanding your body and soul. 

Aimed at encouraging people to participate in health-related activities, Tan organises workshops and programs on health and wellness as part of raising awareness in the community. The saying, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’, is a motto she lives by.

“Some of them consult me only when a problem arises or when their health condition worsens. However, by that time, it’s a bit too late. You gotta start before it happens!

“You may be in the prime of your life now, young and healthy. But ask yourself, will it still be the same after 10 or 20 years? Thus, we want to instill the importance of prevention steps in the younger generation,” Tan stressed. 

Grace Pu, the proprietor of ‘The Ginger De Ginger’ in Kuala Lumpur whose interest is in promoting vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, highlighted the significance of a balanced diet which consists of rice and grains (50 percent), vegetables and fruits (30 percent), sea vegetables (10 percent) and nuts and seeds (10 percent). 

Interested readers can check out her FB page at or call her at 012-3219129.

Some up and coming events by One Platform Resources are:

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  • Online course: 4-Day Intermittent Fasting Experience Class which will be held from October 17 – October 20 by the nutritionist herself  

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Want to know more about One Platform Resources? Visit their FB page at  or contact 012-4561591 for any inquiries.


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