Added Attractions at Kek Lok Tong 

It’s a breath of fresh air returning to Kek Lok Tong for a moment of relaxation and peace after so many years for this scribe.

As a natural tourist site, the cave and surrounds are spectacular as they are but added facilities now make it more compelling than ever to visit.

Kek Lok Tong now offers bicycle and boat rental services by Riverfun Management PLT.

For 30 minutes, visitors can enjoy riding the two- or four-person bicycles respectively for RM6 or RM10 only. Visitors will cycle along the sandy paths laid by the management.

Also for half an hour, visitors can take a stroll along the water passage with two- or four-person boats respectively for RM12 or RM20

“A barrier is set up at the end of the accessible passage as a precautionary measure,” said the person in-charge, Amy Liaw.

Apart from the bicycle and boat riding, visitors can opt for the usual nice and relaxing walk or a brisk one around the garden, which is filled with statues of Chinese deities, plants and gazebos.

The staircase up and down the cave is installed with anti-slip mats, which is a great safety precaution, especially for the elderly who are visiting.

Kek Lok Tong is certainly one of the best places in town to unwind from work stress and daily undertakings. 


Chris Teh

Pictures and video by Gisele Soo

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