Book Launch: Local Democracy Denied?

Book Launch

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

8.00pm – 10.00pm  ( Malaysian Time)

Zoom Webinar, (22nd Series 1st Talk)

  • Why are there no local elections in Malaysia?        
  • Is local democracy just about local elections?            
  • What about people’s participation and power?
    Can we have local democracy without local elections?              
  • Does the Local Government Act provide for more public participation?                                    
  • How can the public as ratepayers demand for more participatory power?

These are some critical questions posed in the book to be discussed in the book launch.

Discussion With Dr Lim Mah Hui

Dr Lim Mah Hui was a city councillor in Penang Island City Council for six years (2011-2016) representing the Penang Forum. His professional experience included research and teaching in universities in Malaysia and the US, commercial and investment banking in US and Asia, and public service in Malaysia. He is also author of Ownership and Control of 100 Largest Companies in Malaysia (1980) and Nowhere To Hide: The Great Financial Crisis & Challenge for Asia (2010).


Chan Kok Keong
Advocate & Solicitor
Ex- Ipoh City Councillor

Victor Chew
Social Activist     


Kenneth Cheng
Political columnist and member of Agora Society


Limited participation, please register early :

 Tel: 05 – 241 3742   Mobile: 016 – 412 3742


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