Restrictions During Reimposed CMCO

As the reimposed conditional movement control order (CMCO) commences today (November 9), listed below are among the latest standard operating procedures (SOPs) which apply to Perak as stated by the National Security Council (MKN) in its recent Facebook post (November 8):

Movement Restrictions

  1. Only two per household are allowed to head out in a vehicle for the purpose of obtaining food supply (including dining-in at a restaurant or food establishment), basic necessities and other needs. Individuals who are most at risk and children are not encouraged to go to public, open and crowded settings. [EDIT: as of November 13, the National Security Council (MKN) has decided to henceforth allow up to three occupants from the same household in a single vehicle throughout the ongoing CMCO]
  2. Occupancy of vehicles belonging to a person, government department or private company meant for going to and fro the workplace or to perform official affairs is dependent on the vehicle’s seating capacity.
  3. Vehicles transporting essential items and services (economy/industry activity chain) are allowed movement in and out of CMCO areas.
  4. E-hailing/taxi services (with a maximum of two passengers) and food delivery are allowed to run from 6am till 12 midnight.
  5. Public transport services such as stage buses and express buses are allowed to operate. Individuals who take public transport to cross states/districts besides the purpose to head to the workplace have to obtain police permission.
  6. Cases of emergency and accidents which require treatment at the nearest hospital or clinic are allowed movement according to vehicle capacity without the need for police permission.
  7. Individuals with medical appointments are allowed movement according to vehicle capacity with a show of appointment letter or card.
  8. Emergencies related to deaths outside CMCO areas are allowed movement with police permission. Number of passengers in the vehicle to depend on the situation of the emergency.
  9. Individuals hailing from CMCO areas are allowed to return with police permission.
  10. The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) is responsible for controlling local transmission areas with the assistance of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), Malaysia Civil Defence Force (APM) and RELA (People’s Volunteer Corps).


Activities Within CMCO Areas

  1. Supermarkets, shopping malls and retail stores are allowed to operate in compliance with SOPs from 6am till 10pm.
  2. Restaurants/food stalls, food trucks, roadside vendors, mobile hawkers, food courts, food kiosks, grocery stores and convenience stores are allowed to operate from 6am till 10pm.
  3. Restaurants and eating establishments are allowed to operate as dine-in (with a limit of 2 to 4 people per table and a distance of 1 metre among diners) in compliance with the food sector SOPs. However, purchase via takeaway, delivery or drive-through is encouraged.
  4. Daily markets are to operate from 6am till 2pm only in compliance with SOPs and under the supervision of authorities.
  5. Wholesale markets are to operate from 12am till 5pm only in compliance with SOPs and under the supervision of authorities.
  6. Farmers’ markets are to operate from 6am till 12 noon in compliance with SOPs and under the supervision of RELA/local authorities.
  7.  Night markets are to operate from 4pm till 10pm in compliance with SOPs and under the supervision of RELA/local authorities.
  8. Petrol stations are to operate from 6am till 10pm except for petrol stations along the highway which are allowed to operate for 24 hours.
  9. Laundry operation is allowed from 6am till 10pm.
  10. Operating hours of other businesses are allowed to begin from 6am till 10pm.
  11. Clinics and hospitals (government or private) are allowed to operate for 24 hours. Pharmacy and drugstores to operate from 8am till 11pm.
  12. Employees are to work from home except for those listed in the categories set by the Public Service Department for civil servants and Business Continuity Plan for private sector workers. Only those with a valid worker pass/permission letter from their employer are allowed to work. 
  13. Face-to-face meetings of government or private agencies involving the presence of representatives from external agencies are not allowed and are to be carried out via video conference only. (With the exception for face-to-face meetings involving expatriates and C-suite with physical distancing and wearing of face masks). Meanwhile, internal meetings are allowed in accordance with guidelines set by the Public Service Department and Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
  14. Sports and recreational activities which do not involve physical contact (indoor and outdoor) and are done individually with no more than 10 people in accordance with the sports and recreation SOPs are allowed. For example, walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics, hiking and fishing.
  15. Activities at the swimming pool, team sports and combat sports are not allowed. The same goes for championships/competitions with participation of audience and foreign players.
  16.  Commercial football fields, gymnasiums, futsal courts, and badminton halls with premises are allowed to operate from 6am till 10pm. Permission to operate and use commercial fields and futsal facilities is limited to training activities/practices without physical contact and a maximum of 10 participants at a time.
  17. Sectors related to the food chain (fishery, plantation, agriculture, livestock rearing) are allowed to carry on operation.
  18. Recording activities for music, concerts, filmmaking, talk shows and the like are allowed indoors and outdoors, limited to within the CMCO area only with minimal crew, no audience and in compliance with creative industry SOPs.
  19. Activities at nightclubs/pubs, theme parks, indoor playgrounds and cinemas are not permitted.
  20. Concerts or live events with audiences are not permitted.
  21. Any MICE-related (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) activities are not allowed. Thus, all seminars, workshops, courses, training, conferences, talks and showcases are not permitted.
  22. Official and non-official receptions are not allowed (private or government). Also in the negative list are social receptions such as feasts (kenduri), wedding/engagement receptions, anniversary celebrations, birthday celebrations, reunions, retreats and others.
  23.  Institutions under the education sector are to close during the CMCO period except childcare centres caring for children of frontliners and working parents/guardians with permission to operate from the relevant Ministry. 
  24. Tourism activities crossing CMCO areas are not permitted.
  25. Any activities which could create a crowd at a location and render physical distancing difficult are not allowed.

For more updates, the MKN can be reached on the following online platforms:





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