German Educare Embraces Online Learning

German Educare, a tertiary education specialist that offers Malaysians opportunities to study and work in Germany, is moving towards digitizing their current syllabus to better adapt to the worldwide pandemic that has taken the world by storm. Through this, German Educare will be able to cater to a wider range of audience whilst making sure that their current students’ needs and requirements are met.

COVID-19 has disrupted many industries, with everything from tourism to F&B industries taking a hit to their business performance. Many companies are forced to adapt to the ever-changing landscape by going digital in order to maintain a presence in the market as failing to do so will result in companies losing out on potential customers—or worse, going under altogether. 

The education sector has also seen drastic changes in a short period of time, with students from red zones not allowed to go back to colleges or universities and almost 300 schools were forced to be closed down. Private institutions have voiced out their concerns of struggling with virtual learning, particularly on the topic of not being able to travel to schools and facing the risk of closing down.

German Educare, in an effort to stay ahead of the game, has already made an immediate shift to digital learning ever since the enforcement of the first Movement Control Order (MCO) back in March 2020. Since then, the company has made even more efforts to embrace digital learning, with implementation of online classes supplemented by recorded videos and asynchronous teaching. This step towards virtual learning opens up different opportunities such as remote learning for students from other states. Aside from that, native German speakers have been hired to provide virtual classes for students in Malaysia so that they can complete their program locally as compared to the past when students had to go to Germany to finish up the rest of the program. 

“We are in a position where businesses are evolving to further adapt to the current situation. Going digital allows us to reach a wider audience without neglecting the needs of our existing student base. I am positive that through our online learning approach, our students’ learning will not be affected throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated Jonathan Lau, founder of German Educare.

In a move to be never stagnant and always evolving and expanding, German Educare has also added a Nursing Preparation Programme in addition to their existing Dual Vocational Training (DVT) program which initially only focused on upskilling Malaysian students in courses such as mechatronics, IT, and electronics. This new program will further allow nursing graduates from Malaysia to get their qualification recognized in Germany and eventually find employment there. The course will be split into two terms, with term one focusing on getting the students to master the language and to better understand German culture while the second term covers interview arrangements, visa application, and providing support while the students are in Germany. The second term is completely free if students perform well in the first one. This promotional offer is only valid now for a brief period of time to encourage nursing students to join the program while also helping hospitals find potential, highly qualified candidates for the position. German Educare is also collaborating with a subsidiary – edu8 GmbH to help hospitals hire nurses from abroad.

“The Nursing Preparation Programme allows us to position Malaysia as a country that can reliably provide high quality students to hospitals throughout Germany.” Jonathan Lau added. ”This further strengthens the relationship between Malaysia and Germany and will allow for more opportunities for Malaysian students to study and work abroad in the future.”

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