Child Feared Drifted Away Along River

UPDATE: The child has been found dead as of November 26.

A child aged around 10 was feared to have fallen into a river near Kampung Chepor Dalam at Meru Raya here today (November 24).

According to a spokesperson for the State Fire and Rescue Department, an emergency call regarding the incident was received around 10.47am.

“A squad was immediately sent to the location for rescuing works.

“It’s highly likely that the boy tripped and fell into the river and drifted away with the water current,” he said.

At the moment, a surface search and rescue operation is being undertaken by the squad.

“We believe that he fell from a bridge crossing over the river,” the spokesperson mentioned.

The residential area of Kampung Chepor Dalam was struck with flash flood yesterday morning following continuous downpour the night before.

More updates to come.


Chris Teh


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