Rotary Club Helps Flood Victims

Despite the continuation of the downpour on November 21, it has mildly subsided compared to the day before. However, the affected communities are still faced with the effects of the relentless rain, with an increased amount of floodwater taking a long time to recede due to the poorly constructed drainage system. 

The Rotary Club of Ipoh South (KRIS) and the Rotary Club of Metro Ipoh, with the support of the District Natural Disaster Relief Committee, District 3300 Malaysia, carried out a mission to assist the community of Sri Kinta, Lahat by helping families who suffered drastically from the effects of the downpour. They took the extra initiative to enter their flooded residences to find the sorry conditions their homes have befallen, with every personal property damaged by the water. 

Assisting every family in salvaging everything they could, the volunteers did their ultimate best in helping them. Although it was still raining, they were determined to provide every bit of help they could offer. They provided basic necessities like mattresses, stoves, fresh clothing and blankets, pillows, face masks, footwear, portable wardrobes, fresh towels, stocks of food and further basic amenities. On their request for financial aid, they exceeded the amount of expenditure in order to properly provide the necessities for the unfortunates. 

The volunteers would like to thank the District Natural Disaster Relief Committee for their immediate and endless support. They hope that their efforts could slowly inspire a bigger community to help out the less fortunate. 

The initiative was led by KRIS President Pathma Devi, PE Umi Moosa, RC Metro Ipoh President Pauline and Rotarian Ah Peng.


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