Ipoh Boys Return for Laksa Paste

When it comes to laksa, people would inevitably point to Penang. However, for KL-based Ipoh boys, event organizer Lion Alan Thoo and professional photographer Lion Nicholas Seow from the Lions Club of Sunway Damansara Metro, both would visit Madam Jenny Pong in Ipoh whenever they are back in their hometown. 

Jenny is an amputee of both legs. She had complications with her pregnancy some years ago and based on the advice of her doctor, she had a C-section but her twins unfortunately did not make it. The worst was not over when her leg started experiencing numbness and she then went into a coma for two years. Miraculously awakening two years later, Jenny woke up to her husband leaving her for good. To add salt to her wounds, she had an accident in 1997 and both her legs had to be amputated. For years, Jenny has been relying on a make-shift trolley to move around her house.

Jenny’s livelihood is dependent on her passion for cooking. “I started making laksa paste from kembong fish, and this paste can be mixed and prepared at home by just soaking it in hot water to make laksa soup,” said Jenny. “You can also simply eat them dry with bihun,” she added.

Alan and Nic donated 40kg of kembung fish to Jenny and even bought a few packets of her pastes. Also present was Lion Michel Yee, the 1st Vice District Governor of District 308 B2. 

“In this pandemic, it is bad enough that businesses are down with challenges, and seeing Jenny’s smile amidst all the struggles she faces daily gives me a reason to fight on regardless of how tough it is”, said Alan, the Charter President of his Lions Club. “This is a little something from our club to support Jenny and we hope everyone can lend a hand in helping her by ordering her laksa paste,” he added.

To those who would like to order Jenny’s laksa paste, please do not hesitate to contact Jenny through WhatsApp at 016-630 6837.


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