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In line with the effort to improve internet connectivity around town, the Ipoh City Council (MBI) will be undertaking a Unifi fibre optics development project which will improve high speed broadbands from 100 megabits per second (Mbps) to between 800 Mbps and 1 gigabit per second (Gbps).

According to the mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, the project, a joint effort with Telekom Malaysia, is a long-term evolution of a high-speed wide-area network that is supported by the government’s commitment towards achieving the Ipoh Smart City initiative by 2030.

“This is projected to benefit the whole town of Ipoh and other areas in the Kinta District,” he told reporters after the council’s full board meeting at MBI building here yesterday (November 30).

“6,900 ports providing fibre optics internet connection are involved, where 3,600 had been utilised for the year 2019, while the remaining have been and will be installed for 2020 and 2021.

“As of date, 17 areas in Ipoh have been upgraded to support fibre optics connection, with 26 more on the way. In accordance with development plans for next year, 12 more areas are proposed for upgrades, some of which include Buntong and surroundings of MBI building here.

“The entire project will tentatively be completed by the second quarter of next year, hopefully before June 30, 2021,” Rumaizi explained.


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  1. Very disappointed with Unifi coverage. I stay at Persiaran Bercham Selatan 21 and have been requesting for Unifi for last 10 years – very poor response and service and sad yo say don’t see any indication that it will be fulfilled anytime soon.

    Unifi definitely not service orientated and very shameful. Worst thing is roads surrounding and adjacent to my house eg Persiaran Bercham Selatan 40 all have Unifi coverage. Dont understand the logic and fair to say its a long way to go to before we can consider Unifi to have any customer service acumen

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