Channel Tiang 16: Showcasing Lenggong 

Ipoh often ends up as the main tourist destination in Perak, even more so since being recommended by Lonely Planet as the sixth best place to visit in Asia back in 2016. 

However, Perak has many more underrated gems waiting to be explored in their own glory. One such place is Lenggong, located in the Hulu Perak district 100km north of Ipoh. It is famously home to the UNESCO Heritage Site, Lenggong Valley, a site where the oldest known human activity within Peninsular Malaysia has been recorded. It’s where the archaeological remains of the Perak Man were discovered! 

Of course, Lenggong isn’t worth visiting only because of its archaeological heritage. Visitors also have the chance to make a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city by immersing themselves in an authentic kampung experience. One such place offering the opportunity is Rumah Tiang 16 (“16-Pillar House” in English), a traditional wooden house made of regal chengal wood located in Kampung Kubang Jambu.

Owned and hosted by the ever-amiable Nasir “Nash” Jalaludin, Rumah Tiang 16 is a quaint boutique homestay that strives to showcase and promote the Lenggong experience to their guests. In an effort to further help the local community gain economic return through tourism, Nash has also created a YouTube channel to document Malaysian heritage, as well as conservation works for traditions in Lenggong. Beautifully shot and skillfully put together, his videos feature the many gems the quiet town has to offer while also capturing moments with his guests at Rumah Tiang 16. 

Do check out the amazing Channel Tiang 16 on YouTube and show your support by subscribing to the channel, liking and sharing the videos! 


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