COVID-19 Issues to be Prioritised in 2021 State Budget

Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad will be tabling the 2021 State Budget in the state assembly sitting this Wednesday (December 16).

He chaired his first meeting with executive councillors (Excos) morning today (December 14) to obtain their agreement on the refined budget proposal. 

“We’ve also re-tabled budget proposals provided by the previous administration through the meeting. 

“After the five Excos refine and agree on the suggestions, we’ll notify the state assembly speaker to enable the budget for tabling during the sitting this Wednesday.” 

He told reporters so at his office in the state secretariat building today. 

Saarani added, COVID-19 issues will be a prioritised essence of the budget, which is projected to aid Perakean entrepreneurs in restoring the state economy. 

“The budget to be tabled will be utilised by the government for year 2021. It’s to aid the economy and development in Perak to regenerate income sources. 

“Thus, it’s also a provision of opportunity for entrepreneurs to bounce back into the scene after having their incomes affected due to the ongoing pandemic,” he expressed. 


Rosli Mansor 


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