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DKP Boosted Arts to International Levels

The Perak Creative Fund (DKP) has borne fruits of labour in supporting local artist creations to the extent of being recognised at international levels.

According to board member of People of Remarkable Talents (P.O.R.T.) Ipoh, Dato’ Zainol Fadzi Paharudin, the state government described the success achieved by artists via DKP as astounding and one to be proud of.

“DKP helped put forth artists whose talents had been abandoned and weren’t highlighted through the right platforms.

“Through DKP2019’s achievement, the success reaped by Lim Han Loong for his ‘Family Dinner’ film which was nominated as the Grand Winner of the 2020 Malaysia Movie Makers Award has upped Perak to national and international levels.

“The same goes to the recognition of Highest Commendation by Asia South East – Short Film Festival (Winter 2021), given to Ahmad Iwaz Hamdy via his creation titled ‘Selama’, proving that Perakeans’ talents have been certified as high-class art and equivalent.”

He told reporters so after the DKP2020 presentation ceremony which took place at P.O.R.T. yesterday (January 21).

41 recipients of DKP2020 which comprised three categories (visual arts, performing arts and musical arts) were chosen for the second edition of DKP this round. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, only 10 were invited as early recipients, while the others will be contacted at a later date.

Previously, 24 were chosen to receive the first edition of DKP (DKP2019). Through the achievement of DKP2019, P.O.R.T. was listed in the ‘Visual Art Map’ published by The Cultural Economic Development Agency (CENDANA) as a public agency that supports visual arts via corporation.

Meanwhile, P.O.R.T. general manager, Nur Hanim Mohamed Khairuddin said that the systematic art assistance scheme by the state government will prioritise Perak-born artists and creative industry operators.

“We stress on the combination of traditional elements and modern contemporary, or cross-disciplinary elements from more than two fields such as literature and music, alongside dance or art of drawing.

“DKP was launched in 2019 with funds of RM100,000 from the Menteri Besar’s Office. Creation assessments are done via proposal and judged by three professional panellists before confirmation as a DKP2020 recipient,” she mentioned.

Theatrical coach of Pertubuhan Seni Kayangan Perak, Mohamad Ramdan Misnon, 32, said that the DKP2020 contribution does indeed help art enthusiasts in expanding their talents in various art branches.

“The fund (RM5000) will be utilised for theatrical workshops and stage performances which involve participation from the youths. Through the workshops, we’ll be able to dig out new talents and indirectly re-enliven theatrical activities in Perak,” he expressed.

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