71-Year-Old Found Dead From a Fire

A 71-year-old male was found dead due to a fire today (February 15).

According to the acting deputy director of operations for the State Fire and Rescue Department, Muhamad Shahrizal Aris, an emergency call regarding the incident was received at around 5.47pm.

“Two fire engines and 14 firefighters from the Ipoh Fire and Rescue Station were deployed. 

“When the squad arrived, the hut, which was 10×20 feet in size, was already 90 percent burnt,” he told reporters at the location of the incident along a road not far from the Tambun Pomelo Orchard. 

Muhamad Shahrizal said that the victim was found underneath the debris of burnt zinc. 

“The fire was successfully put out within five minutes,” he mentioned. 

Muhamad Shahrizal added that the cause of fire is still under investigation. 

“Nevertheless, the victim’s remains had been handed over to the police for further action,” he stated. 


Chris Teh


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