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Malaysia through the lenses of a Mat Salleh: Episode 1


Phillipe Durant, a passionate photographer, who has been living in Malaysia for over eight years came up with an idea to share his artwork/photographs with the community. 

Despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the photographer continues to find ways to keep his passion alive.

Although it is not always sunshine and rainbows, as long as one is dedicated, nothing can really go wrong and Philippe is a perfect example.

He has also held multiple exhibitions displaying his photographs, one of which featured Papan, an almost forgotten village by many. With the intention to remind people of its place in history, he allows the audience to walk with him in nostalgia  by sharing his photographs at one of his exhibitions. (Read Ipoh Echo’s write-up on Philippe’s exhibitions here and here.)

Below is the first instalment of Philippe’s photographic journey of his eight years in Malaysia.

Malaysia through the lenses of a Mat Salleh

By Philippe A.Durant

Let the journey begin, but first I want to thank all who liked the idea of the photographic journey in Malaysia: friends, viewers, page administrators, colleague photographers and many others.

Day 1: KLCC 

I first arrived in Malaysia in 2013. Like most travelers, my first destination was Kuala Lumpur.  If the Eiffel tower is the first thing people think about when it comes to France, the Petronas Twin Towers of KLCC are probably the symbol of Malaysia’s tourism. I was privileged to live, for over a year, in an apartment located in Mont Kiara with a perfect view over the capital’s skyline. It has enabled me to take hundreds of captures, mostly at sunrise. I also took some images from various other locations offering spectacular views of Kuala Lumpur’s most famous landmark. Here is a selection of some of my photos. 

Do follow my daily postings about different themes and/or location and do not hesitate to comment constructively. Embark in a photographic journey in Malaysia through the lenses of a Mat Salleh. 

Bon voyage.


P.S.: All the photos can be purchased and printed (in all sizes and format) with a simple request via WhatsApp/Signal at 0172409722.

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