Perak MB Received His COVID-19 Immunisation Today 

Some 221 Perakeans comprising the Menteri Besar, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad, the line-up of state executive councillors and health frontliners are receiving their COVID-19 immunity injections at the vaccination centre (PPV) in Stadium Indera Mulia today (March 1).

This is in conjunction with the launch of the state-level National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme.

According to Saarani, a total of 39,760 frontliners will be receiving the injections during the first phase of the programme.

“This comprises 22,094 staff from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and 17,666 other frontliner staff who are directly involved in COVID-19 prevention and control,” he told reporters during a media session at the PPV after receiving the vaccination today.

Also present was the health director of the State Health Department, Dato’ Dr Ding Lay Ming, who clarified that the second batch of COVID-19 vaccine doses will be arriving in Perak in a few days’ time.

“The 22,230 doses of COVID-19 immunisation vaccines that arrived last month are only for the first batch. We’ll continue conducting vaccination injections as subsequent batches arrive,” she told reporters.

Vaccination injection on Saarani was done by the Public Health Nurse (U29) of Kinta District Health Office (PKD), Kirage Letchumy Manikam.

Asked how he felt after receiving the jab, Saarani said there was nothing to fear.

“I didn’t even feel the needle being injected. No unpleasantness was experienced and thus, I only needed to be monitored for 15 minutes,” he expressed.

Saarani also reminded the public that no one is exempt from adherence to SOPs, even after receiving the vaccination injection.

“It’s equally important to always practice the new norm of living to protect not only ourselves, but also everyone around us. This is just a beginning of the end of the pandemic. Let’s continue doing our part for the community and health staff who’ve worked tirelessly by being cooperative.

“Perakeans, please obtain your vaccinations as scheduled by MOH. Refer to any of the state health offices for more accurate and verified information,” Saarani urged.


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