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Malaysia through the lenses of a Mat Salleh: Episode 12

Malaysia through the lenses of a Mat Salleh

By Philippe A.Durant

It appears that we can now travel…within the state only. Better than nothing. I am planning a scooter/photography journey. But my virtual photographic journey still continues for the time being, even though it seems to generate less interest. Are readers/viewers getting tired already? 


Day 12: Cameron Highlands Part 1 – The tea plantations

Developed in the 1930s, the area is one of the oldest tourist spots in Malaysia. Apart from its tea estates, the plateau is noted for cool weather, orchards, farmlands, waterfalls, forest, golf course and native habitants (Orang Asli). Cameron Highlands is probably the most popular highland retreat in Malaysia. Located at almost 2,000m at its highest point, it offers visitors a moderate climate. This provides a cool escape for city-dwellers. 

Sadly, in the past years, the uncontrolled development of farms has led to the fast destruction of the natural environment, landslides, water and soil pollution. Deforestation and construction of millions of plastic green houses have made the place way less attractive than it used to be. Five years ago, there were still some gorgeous spots for photography around the tea plantations at the morning golden hour and sunrise. Today, it is impossible not to have a green house in the scenery. Tourists are attracted by strawberries and lavender farms, for example, but not me. As far as Orang Asli are concerned, I might dedicate an episode or two to their life in the near future.  Here is what I managed to capture at the time.

Do follow my daily postings about different themes and/or location and do not hesitate to comment constructively. Embark in a photographic journey in Malaysia through the lenses of a Mat Salleh.

Bon voyage.

P.S.: All the photos can be purchased and printed (in all sizes and format) with a simple request via WhatsApp/Signal at 0172409722.

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