Park@Perak: Smart, Easy and Simple 

The Park@Perak smart application, which was introduced in 2019, succeeded in providing a huge impact towards the parking management system for 15 local authorities (PBT) in the whole of Perak especially the Ipoh City Council (MBI). 

The council’s Director of Finance, Mohd Syazlan Mohd Isa Suffian highlighted that the response received from users are positive and the percentage of usage has increased by almost 30% since its introduction on 1 January 2019.

According to him, in Ipoh, the application usage increases every year starting from 25% in the first year, followed by 45% in the second year and almost reaching 55% as of March this year.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the use of parking spots, thus a decrease in parking payments last year. However, we observe an increase in March this year and it is something positive,” he said during an interview in his office at the MBI building today (March 23).

He added that for year 2020, the average top-up amount for the application usage totalled RM350,000 per month and this amount has increased to over RM600,000 per month for March this year.

“The Park@Perak app has also expanded the payment methods by offering more alternatives to top up via e-wallets such as Boost, Touch N Go, Mcash and GrabPay,” he explained.

He also shared that effective March 1, users can make traffic compound payments via the Park@Perak app. Presently, only compounds by MBI and Kerian District Council are involved while compounds by other PBT in Perak will follow shortly.

MBI also offers a discount for traffic compound payments of 50% via online payments including the Park@Perak app until the end of this year, as announced by Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud in February.

“For the other PBT, the decision on discount allocation is subject to the respective PBT,” he added.

Mohd Syazlan explained that MBI, appointed by the state government to implement the Park@Perak app project, is responsible for managing it comprehensively without the involvement of private parties, with cooperation from the local authority division and other PBT in Perak. 

The committee appointed to manage the application put in effort to improve the system from time to time according to suitability.

“Through the application, we provided a feedback section and to date, we have received a total of 14,800 responses from users. The feedback section can indirectly aid us to improve the system to suit users’ needs,” he said.

He explained that the use of the application can reduce the production of coupons and users no longer need to seek agents selling the coupons to purchase.

“With just a minimum top up of RM10, users can use the app and also share with family,” he expressed, adding that the MBI printed 15 million pieces of coupons in 2019.


Rosli Mansor 


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