Dispose E-Waste Properly and Protect the Environment

Electronic wastes (dubbed e-waste), such as computers, monitors or any other electronic appliances no longer in use, are toxic and can potentially harm the environment, subsequently putting our health at risk should they be disposed of improperly.

Thus, the state government of Perak urged citizens to send any e-wastes from their houses to volunteering collection centres instead of simply discarding them into the surroundings or into nearby rubbish bins.

According to the Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad, Perak emerged as one of the states in Malaysia with the highest record of e-waste collection last year, with 44.3 tonnes.

“Through the e-waste collection campaign this year, we’ll be intensifying efforts to implement the collection and disposal system with better safety measures, arrangements and effectiveness, by involving more local authorities (PBT) at each district in Perak.

“Hopefully, the campaign continues to bring awareness among the community regarding the dangers of improperly managed e-waste, besides the importance of caring for the environment.”

He said so during a media session after launching the campaign at the state secretariat building earlier today (March 24).

Also present were the Executive Councillor for Health, Science, Environment and Green Technology, Mohd Akmal Kamaruddin and Department of Environment (DOE) Perak director, Rosli Zul.

Saarani also requested for the public to be the ears and eyes in reporting any environment-polluting activities to DOE.

One may do so by contacting 1-800-88-2727 (toll-free line), email to, or through DOE’s portal at


Chris Teh


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