RTM ‘Teman Setia Anda’ (Your Faithful Companion) for 75 Years’ Standing

The Department of Broadcasting Malaysia (RTM) has been standing as the best of its kind in Malaysia since 1946.

The Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin stated that for 75 years’ standing, RTM’s service as a broadcasting station has contributed significantly to the progress of the country and also the development of creative and broadcasting industries. 

“Despite passing beyond the age of maturity, RTM continues to step forward with the latest media technology progress and is still the main choice of news sources in Malaysia.

“RTM has proved its credibility as citizens’ longtime ears and eyes, particularly when facing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis. It’s one of the channels that transmit verified information from the government and is able to rectify any false facts shared in social media.

“We believe RTM will continue going forward with commitment and expertise drawn from past experiences while constantly taking on challenges as a broadcasting department that always brings a good image of the country to the world.”

He said during a launching ceremony of the state-level 75th RTM Anniversary at the Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah Complex in Ipoh today (April 1).

In conjunction with the anniversary celebration, RTM also made history by having two additional main celebrations: RTM’s 75th establishment anniversary and RTM Orchestra’s 60th anniversary.

RTM created four new records in the Malaysia Book of Records, namely: Longest-Running Broadcasting Station in Malaysia; Most Number of Forums Broadcasted Live Through TV and RTM Radio Simultaneously; Most Number of Official Ceremonies Broadcasted Live Through TV and RTM Radio Simultaneously; and Longest-Running Orchestra.

Meanwhile, the director of RTM Perak, Noriza Salleh mentioned that the PERAKfm staff also celebrated RTM’s 75th anniversary to appreciate the country’s first-ever broadcasting station that stays strong and in excellence.

“RTM now has 34 radio stations in the entire country, including Radio Malaya Stesen Ipoh established in 1956, currently known as PERAKfm. The station was located at a site near the Ipoh airport and it has since moved to Jalan Dairy.

“On September 16, 2012, the station started broadcasting at the new building known as Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah Complex which utilises a new digital system featuring clearer and higher quality radio broadcasts,” she explained.

The celebration was launched simultaneously in 15 states, including PERAKfm. Some of its programme segments include 75 Years of RTM Stamps and PERAKfm Mural Launching.


Rosli Mansor


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