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Acid Etching Workshop and Exhibition

The Acid Etching Workshop and Exhibition held by People of Remarkable Talents (PORT) gained full support from the Mayor of Ipoh for their effort in turning Ipoh into an arts city.

The Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin expressed that art-based programmes should be held more frequently. Through this, Ipoh will become a hub of arts and creativity.

“The workshop gives artists an opportunity to showcase their talent while also sharing their knowledge on creating art.

“The Black House PORT building, which was formerly an abandoned old premise, has now become a space for individuals with artistic passion to produce art. PORT’s initiative is not only beneficial to artists, it also helps in generating income,” he said during the closing ceremony of POSTSKOOL: Acid Etching Art Workshop and Exhibition at PORT yesterday (April 11).

The four-day workshop was held from April 5 till April 8. Some 20 participants including both local and international artists from Mein Ding Gallery, students from UiTM Seri Iskandar, as well as representatives from the Perak Orang Asli Arts and Culture Association took part in the workshop.

Meanwhile, the general manager for PORT, Nur Hanim Dato’ Mohamed Khairuddin said that such workshops provide an opportunity for artists as well as the public to showcase their creative talent.

“Sponsored by the Perak@PORT Creative Fund (DKP) among others, the workshop and exhibition is an art program conducted by Studio Tikus and Chetak 12 as a PORTSKOOL programme. 

“The recipient of DKP, Studio Tikus, is made up of rising Perakian contemporary artists like Samsudin Wahab, Azam Aris, Zul Husni and Fadhli Ariffin. They serve as coaches throughout the session.

“The four-day workshop is aimed to provide exposure and share knowledge on the production of acid etching which is an art of printmaking but is not widely known in Perak,” he said.


Rosli Mansor


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