Aid Package via PEMERKASA+ 

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin via a live media conference yesterday (May 31) announced a list of new initiatives under the ‘Program Strategik Memperkasa Rakyat dan Ekonomik’ (PEMERKASA+) to help the people face financial challenges during the full lockdown. 

The program aims at increasing public healthcare capacity, continuing the rakyat welfare agenda and supporting continuity of business.

  • He announced that a total of RM2.1 billion is allocated to provide financial assistance through the Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) initiative:
  1. Households earning RM2,500 and below will receive an additional RM500 
  2. Households earning between RM2,501 and RM5,000 will receive an additional of RM300 
  3. Individuals who are single will receive an additional RM100

The aid will be transferred to recipients’ accounts by June.

  •  An automatic moratorium approval will be given to B40 groups and small businesses that are forced to halt operations during the Movement Control Order (MCO). They are given the option of automatic bank moratorium for three months or a reduction of 50% loan repayment for six months. The initiative begins in June and will benefit more than five million applicants with the aid of up to RM30 billion.
  • A total of RM1 billion has been allocated for the Bus and Taxi Hire Purchase Rehabilitation Scheme. Taxi drivers, bus drivers, tourist drivers and e-hailing drivers will receive a one-off RM500 aid. The aid will be transferred to registered recipients by July.
  • In addition, taxi and bus operators are eligible to receive a moratorium up to 12 months.
  • RM1.5 billion has been allocated for the Wage Subsidy Programme under Socso to help the affected economic sectors. There is a limit of 500 employees per application and it will benefit 2.5 million employees and more than 200,000 employers. 
  • A 10% discount on electricity bills will be given to affected sectors from July till September. Tourists agencies, shopping malls, convention centers, hoteliers, theme parks and local airlines are eligible to receive a 10% discount on their electricity bill for three months.


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