Letter: Battling COVID-19 requires cooperation from all

The latest Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been announced ahead of the nationwide full lockdown starting today. The lockdown and the SOPs is indeed a bitter pill to swallow. I do not deny the impact it will have on the economy, lives and livelihoods. 

However, it is inevitable and it must be done to contain the escalating spread of the COVID-19 virus. We have been recording sky high positive cases and the daily high number of COVID-19 related deaths serves as a grim reminder of how fragile life is.

Some are for the full lockdown while others are against it for their respective reasons. I do not blame either opinion, but we must all unite and do what is right in the interest of safety and health. We need to learn from past mistakes. Adherence and compliance to the SOPs is more crucial now than ever.

Do your part and help the authorities flatten or bend the curve, whichever your preference. It doesn’t matter. Please just comply with the SOPs. We are talking about protecting and saving lives now. Do not for one second think that contracting the virus is something that happens to the other person.

What has happened cannot be reversed and the mistakes made have now come back to haunt us. I do not wish to read, see nor hear any more disheartening news due to people throwing caution to the wind. No one deserves to be a victim of carelessness.

Let me remind everyone that the cost for non-compliance is ultimately paid with human lives. So, stop this nonsense. Do your part. It is not hard and neither is it difficult. It only takes maturity and common sense.

So, please spare a thought for humanity, our frontliners, and for those who have lost their battle with COVID-19.

We can do this together. Let our unity as one serve as a light and source of strength as we weather this storm. It is up to you and me now.


Yeap Ming Liong

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