MHS Distributes Water to Frontliners 

By VN Pathma Devi, Head of MHS Perak State Welfare & Social Development

Recently on June 25, 15 Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) Local Councils’ Welfare Section and the MHS Perak State Welfare & Social Development jointly organised a distribution of mineral water bottles to the Klinik Kesihatan (Health Clinics) in each council section involved. 

Distribution of mineral water bottles took off simultaneously in 15 MHS Local Council Welfare sections on the same day. 

The aim of this project is to show MHS’ respect, love, attention and sense of unity toward frontliners. At the same time, it demonstrates the connections and relationships of each individual in maintaining the harmony of a community.

MHS thanks all for the support and cooperation. 

1) MHS Perak State – KK Greentown 

2) MHS Gopeng – KK Gopeng 

3) MHS Kampar – KK Kampar 

4) MHS Ipoh – KK Buntong

5) MHS Tg Rambutan – KK Tg 

6) MHS Sg Siput – KK Sg Siput 

7) MHS Tg Malim – KK Tg Malim 

8) MHS MDA – KK Desa MDA 

9) MHS Slim River – KK Slim River 

10)MHS Bidor – KK Bidor 

11) MHS Tapah – KK Tapah 

12) MHS KK – KK K Kangsar 

13) MHS T.I – KK T . Intan

14) MHS Manjung – Quarter’s Kerajaan Lumut Kiri

15) MHS Kerian – KK.BAGAN SERAI 

16) MHS Taiping – KK Taiping 


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