Corporate Leadership and Psychology of Communication for Women

Despite observing more women in the workforce, a vast majority of them are stuck in the middle sectors. Dedicated to helping women in the corporate world, Family Wellness Club (FWC) recently organised a programme entitled ‘Programme for Corporate Leadership and Psychology of Communication for Women’ to empower women and equip them with skills and knowledge for when the economy improves. Better job opportunities, coupled with knowledge acquired, can help them excel. 

The president of FWC, Mangaleswary Ponnampalam said, “The idea came about after the director of the Department of Women’s Development under the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM), Kavaramma Subramaniyam, invited FWC to put forth a funding proposal for women’s programmes.

“We viewed it as a great opportunity and started planning for it,” she said.

While the second week with another 25 participants is still ongoing, the two-week programme has already received positive feedback.

The opening of this virtual programme for the second group was officiated by Director of the Perak State Secretariat Development of Women, Family and Community Development, Srihartini Mohamed Shamsudin. 

The target for women holding top leadership positions is 30 percent, however, the country is still marching towards that goal. At present, women only make up about 17 to 18 percent in higher decision-making posts.

The key highlights of the leadership programme are important skill sets a leader should have, as well as inspiration for participants to climb the ladder of success. 

The five elements discussed in the programme cover personality (understanding your personality), psychology of leadership, entrepreneurial skills, business administration skills and organisational support structures. 

According to Mangales, their first ever leadership project, funded by the Department of Women’s Development, managed to capture over 100 individuals in signing up. 

“The participants come from various backgrounds and states including Perak, Melaka, Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang among others, ranging from 20 to 50 years old.

“Our initial plan was to conduct the programme physically with some 50 people. But due to the ravaging pandemic, we decided to do it virtually with trainer Ananthy Sankaran who is well versed in Zoom training. 

“We received 137 applicants who were then interviewed by our committee members to ensure they are suitable for this programme. We also provided them with a SIM (subscriber identification module) card with access to a hotspot so they can access the Internet on their mobile devices,” she highlighted. 

When asked how important leadership is among women, Mangales stressed that women can do whatever they aspire and we need to encourage them as it is possible to have a successful career and a good family life too.

“Women sometimes feel they have to put aside their career goals for the sake of bringing up their children and having to take care of their families,” she explained.

Women, to this day, are still often viewed under the misconception of being too emotional and sensitive. Hence, it is important for them to overcome such withholding mindsets and learn to stand on their own feet, which can only be done through better understanding of themselves. 

“The programme will also teach them how to deal with people such as customers, the public as well as their partners,” she added.

Founded in March 2014, the Family Wellness Club organises talks, seminars and workshops for children, teenagers and adults on topics such as children’s living values, healthy lifestyles and current social and community issues. 

The non-profit organisation (NGO) also aims to empower women who play a crucial role in the wellbeing of families by teaching them to form a balance between their various roles as mothers, wives and career women.

Stay tuned for more similar programmes on FWC’s Facebook page.


Gisele Soo


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