Police Report Regarding Bribe Messages Sent to MP

The police of Perak confirmed that a report was received from the member of parliament (MP) for Ipoh Barat federal constituency, M. Kulasegaran and his private secretary Jeremy Chuah, at around 1.56pm on Saturday (August 7).

According to the state police chief Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid, the report detailed messages suspected to contain elements of bribery via two unidentified telephone numbers.

“The messages were received at around 10.30pm the day before (August 6).

“It was understood that two other police reports had been made at Kedah and Penang regarding the same matter.

“As such, the police have referred and sent the report to the state-level Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for investigation and further actions.”

He explained in a statement dated today (August 9).

Mior advised members of the public to refrain from making any speculations regarding the case.

“This is to prevent hindrance to the ongoing investigation’s progress by MACC,” he mentioned.

In a related development, MACC, in a statement also dated today, said that they have gotten in touch with Kulasegaran and two other MPs to obtain further information regarding the issue.

“As of the time of writing, the commission is unable to trace the owner of the telephone numbers, who sent the messages via WhatsApp.

“However, MACC guarantees that the investigation will still go on and hopes that the public does not make any speculations out of this.

“The commission looks into accusations made by MPs regarding bribery attempts seriously,” the statement added.


Chris Teh


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