PM Announces Facilities for the Economic Sectors

By Mei Kuan

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced the facilities for the economic sectors via a media statement on his official Facebook page dated today (August 15).

“Do take note that the new facilities announced will apply to all phases of the National Recovery Plan (PPN) on the condition that the rate of complete vaccination for the adult population at that state must have reached at least 50%, and the individuals who wish to make use of the facilities must have received complete vaccination,” he explained.

The detailed guidelines of the facilities will be issued by the National Security Council (MKN) in the near future.

The government agreed to allow 11 economic activities in the trade and distribution sector to resume operations in Phase 2 effective August 16. The listed shops are as follows:

  1. Photography tools and photography services
  2. Used items
  3. Nursery and floristry
  4. Handicraft and souvenir 
  5. Antique 
  6. Toys 
  7. Carpets
  8. Creative content and creative industry tools
  9. Outdoor equipment including camping tools, fishing tools and others
  10. Cosmetics, skincare and perfume
  11. Tobacco including vape and electronic cigarette

Owners of premises need to ensure that customers entering the premises must display their digital certificate of COVID-19 vaccination as proof that they have received complete vaccination.

Meanwhile, all non-essential activities in sectors of manufacturing, construction, mining and quarry are allowed to resume operations beginning August 16 for states under Phase 1, 2 and 3. However, the capacity of operation is subject to the rate of complete vaccination for employees: 80 – 100% at 100% capacity of operation, 60 – 79% at 80% capacity of operation and 40 – 59% at 60% capacity of operation.

“It is hoped that the facilities announced will provide some relief to the people in terms of mental and emotional health, besides helping affected groups to recover in the economic sectors in stages,” the Prime Minister expressed.

He stressed that every Ministry and agency that monitors the facilities, including owners of premises, must bear full responsibility on its implementation in accordance to set rules and guidelines.

Employees are also urged to report immediately to the Ministry of Health at or Ministry of Home Affairs at or Ministry of Human Resources via the Working for Workers (WFW) application if their employers are flouting the standard operating procedures (SOPs). Those who breach the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act 342) can be compounded and brought to court.

The Prime Minister’s full statement can be read here.


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