CSR of Rotary Club of Metro Ipoh

Since the beginning of September, the Rotary Club of Metro Ipoh (RCMI) has been making it their social responsibility to distribute food packs to the low income group, senior citizens, distressed homes (homes with white flags), families with dire needs, the differently-abled and single mothers in different locations in Ipoh.

These food packs consisting of the usual instant noodles, canned foodstuffs, milk, flour, rice, sugar and eggs were distributed in six phases to communities in Gunung Rapat, Pasir Pinji and Kampung Rapat. The distribution exercise culminated at Taman Istana to 20 single mothers on October 10.

According to the past-president of RCMI, Leow Sam Nyin, the project for food distributions will be ongoing to help out in any way they can during this pandemic. At the moment, they are helping to install a water filtering system for a school in Kuala Kangsar and a few projects are in the pipeline.


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