MBI: Daily Cleaning at Public Markets Continuous 

The aspects of cleanliness and safety at public markets are the main priority of the Ipoh City Council (MBI) to ensure the comfort of traders and visitors.  

Market supervisor of the MBI Health Department, Faizalhawafiz Abdul Wafar said cleaning work is carried out every day according to the set schedule. 

“The cleaning work is mandatory and to be done as a continuous daily routine. A total of 11 staff members will begin cleaning tasks as early as 6.45am till 4.00pm at the Pasar Besar UTC.

“The early morning cleaning work begins at the rubbish collection area located outside the market premises, followed by at the interior such as the area of meat and vegetable stalls, the food stall level and parking level.

“The cleaning work of the market interior is usually intensified when the visitors have lessened and the stalls are closed at about 2pm. This is to avoid congestion and disturbing the visitors,” he said during an interview today (October 14).

Faizalhawafiz also explained that the recent incident of water accumulating at the parking area was caused by continuous heavy rain. 

According to him, the incident rarely occurs unless there is non-stop heavy rain, causing the water drainage underneath to overflow until the water collects.

“The cleaning of the accumulated water will be done immediately including at the drains to ensure they are not clogged.

“As a preventive measure, we have made a report to the engineering team to review and restore the underground drainage structure.

It is understood that there are 19 markets in Ipoh under the administration of MBI. Among the popular markets are Pasar Besar UTC, Pasar Borong, Pasar Besar Kampung Simee, Pasar Pasir Pinji, Pasar Gunung Rapat and others.

He stressed that besides cleaning works, sanitisation activities are also compulsory to be done daily according to the rules set by the Ministry of Health (KKM).

“MBI always ensures that the cleanliness of the markets is guaranteed even though there are obstacles in terms of manpower,” he shared.


Rosli Mansor


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