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Meat N Bun in Town: Bringing Meaty Burgers with a New Concept

On one of Ipoh Echo’s discovery trips, we came across a newly-opened eatery with a memorable name, Meat N Bun Signature. With the name strikingly displayed on the signboard complemented by a reddish pink background, you will not miss it when you pass by!

Before we dive into the menu, let’s talk about what we were particularly excited about: the skateboards at the corner of the shop that really caught our eye. 

Being a skateboard enthusiast myself, I couldn’t help myself and proceeded to have a chat with one of the co-founders who goes by the name Jared. 

With the idea to expand the skateboarding community in Ipoh, Jared and three other business partners, co-founders; Henson Lau, Nicholas Tan and founder, Michael, decided to get on the curve by introducing the concept to our local community.

The skateboarding community is growing rapidly with the sport making its first debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games. 

Skateboarding is a blend of art and exercise which allows the skater to explore tricks and moves as they cruise. The sport itself offers a host of benefits, including improving reflexes, pain tolerance, stress relief, improving leg and feet coordination among others (a very good way to overcome one’s fear of pain)!

They are currently renovating the walkway into a more skate-friendly space. Moreover, Jared also revealed that they put forth a proposal to the local government to revamp the parking spot opposite the shop to convert it into a skatepark!

His amiable nature makes him very approachable. We learnt that the man has an adventurous streak as he participated in the Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) Superbikes Trackday and Time Attack two years ago in 2019 at the Sepang International Circuit. 

Upon entering the shop, one may find a picture of him in action, leaning against the window right next to the skates. Besides that, he does bicycling regularly, too.

Jared Chuah spent some years in the timber and mining industry before trying his hand at food service. By getting involved in the F&B (food & beverages) field, he has the opportunity not only to share his passion for sports but also his culinary skills with the people.

Now, are we ready to unravel the taste of their burgers? 

Currently, they offer a wide range of meat patties, including fish, chicken and beef, all made in-house. According to Jared, the reason is to give it a more local flavour, to suit each individual’s taste. 

Good news! We will soon see more patties being added to the menu, for instance, prawn and salmon. If you don’t know already, their food is definitely wallet-friendly. Meat N Bun ensures all its customers get to enjoy high-quality and authentic food within their budget. 

As I took my first bite into the fish burger, the homemade tartar sauce had a kick of a sweet undertone, and combined with a crispiness from the bacon, left me licking my lips and craving for more. 

Trying their chicken burger next was a long-awaited moment. I was enticed by the aroma even before I took a bite, and nothing could’ve prepared me for the satisfying combined texture of the special sauce with the juicy chicken patty, sandwiched between two slices of buns with cheese and veggies. 

The burgers were just to my liking; they were neither too wet or dry. Both the sauces used with the patties were definitely novel and added another layer of taste to the burgers. 

If you want some delicious tingle in your mouth, go for their spicy burgers. And don’t be shy about asking for recommendations.  

“The reason we are so determined to go homestyle is to make sure everyone who steps in gets to try the real deal. We even have returning customers telling us that the good taste of our burgers will still remain even when eaten a little later after they are prepared. 

“All of our meats are imported. As for fish, we replaced Dory with Alaska Pollock to stay true to our vision of serving quality products,” Jared highlighted.

Looking into opening a franchise, Jared told Ipoh Echo that some time in the near future, Meat N Bun Signature will be seen everywhere in the country. The shop is Pork Free, and is awaiting Halal certification. It is located at Stall 3, Lot3435N, Jalan Jubilee, Jubilee Park, 30450 Ipoh, Perak.

Jared Chuah (right), Henson Lau (back) and staff

Gisele Soo


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