MHS Perak Celebrates 4th Year of Deepavali at Anjung Singgah

In conjunction with the Deepavali celebration this year, MHS Perak State Welfare and Social Development, together with the MHS Perak State Exco team, paid a visit to Anjung Singgah Yayasan Kebajikan Negeri Perak. This marked their fourth year of Deepavali celebration in Anjung Singgah. Some 30 individuals received the goods they distributed.

Anjung Singgah houses nearly 17 homeless residents, some of whom are seniors, victims of domestic violence, young children (regardless of race) and 12 staff members. MHS firmly believes that some things are beyond one’s control and at the end of the day, these people also deserve someone to show them care and love. 

During their visit, the MHS team handed the residents gift baskets and food. There was also a cake-cutting ceremony. 

“There were tears of happiness, gratitude and excitement on those innocent faces,” VN Pathma Devi highlighted. 

The programme was officiated by MHS Perak State Chairman VN Ponn Santhiran, VN Pathma Devi and the MHS Perak State Exco Team. 



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