The INCREDIBLE YEARS Parenting Programme Begins Smoothly

The Family Wellness Club’s The INCREDIBLE YEARS Parenting programme was held yesterday (November 8) on Zoom with participants from various states, with some as far as from Sabah and Sarawak reported to have joined in.

Datin Indranee Liew and Dato Dr. Lai Fong Hwa

The Trainers, Dato Dr. Lai Fong Hwa and Datin Indranee Liew, began with an introduction of the programme and how they got involved in it when they were in the UK where Dato Dr. Lai was doing his training in Oxford for child and adolescent psychiatry in 2001.

They then gave an overview of the Parenting Pyramid and the four modules that will be covered during the eight-hour course.

The Parenting Pyramid

For the first two-hour session yesterday, the module on spending time with children was introduced. Through the use of notes, examples and short video clips, participants learnt how positive or negative comments by parents during play time can affect their children’s relationships with them.

Instead of criticising children and bogging them down with rules during play time, Dato Dr. Lai explained that ‘Descriptive Commenting’ without any judgement can lead to more harmonious relationships with children.

For their home assignment, participants were asked to practise ‘Descriptive Commenting’ during their time with children this week and share the results they observe during the second session next week.

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