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Have you ‘Bean Here’?

Ipoh Echo spotted a pop-up cafe that goes by a catchy name, Bean Here, right next to Canning Dim Sum! The team made a quick drop by to get their daily fix of caffeine.

The cafe offers a variety of drinks, from coffee to tea and pastries with drinks ranging from RM8 to RM12. If you happen to crave for something cold or just want that extra quick boost, you can also get yourself some soft serve which comes in various flavours.

Photo sourced from Bean Here’s Facebook page
Photo sourced from Bean Here’s Facebook page

It is ideal for adults who have busy schedules as the pop-up style runs on a concept that makes the ordering process more facile and easily accessible. According to its barista, Hafizi, people can just grab and go. 

Hafizi shared that they have plans to expand the menu to cater to different needs, concentrating on western food such as pasta. 

Situated at Canning Garden (next to Canning Dim Sum/opposite Vegas Cafe) and Perak Techno Trade Centre (PTTC), the operating hours for both outlets are from 8am to 5pm. If you wish, you may visit them as early as 8 in the morning!

Note that Bean Here at PTTC only operates on weekdays, from Monday to Friday. The other branch at Canning Garden closes every Monday. 


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