Six Antibiotics Banned in Animal Feed

The prevalent use of antibiotics for disease control in the industry of livestock rearing can impact food safety if not monitored.

Thus, the Department of Veterinary Services has banned the use of six antibiotics in animal feed effective this year after comprehensive consideration.

Director-General of Veterinary Services, Datuk Dr Norlizan Mohd Noor, said that the ban is vital to increase food safety.

“If not used in the right way, it can cause antibiotic resistance in humans when they receive treatment, especially for certain diseases. 

“The ban is beneficial,” she told the press during the work visit of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee, to the Ipoh Veterinary Research Institute today.

Norlizan stated that food production will be increased in terms of quantity yet at the same time, its quality and safety are guaranteed.

The banned antibiotics are erythromycin, enrofloxacin, tylosin, ceftiofur, tetracycline and fosfomycin, which are commonly used to stimulate growth.

It is effective this year after being implemented via the phasing out policy that began in 2019.

Stockbreeders are encouraged to use alternative methods such as probiotics, prebiotics, antimicrobial peptides and vaccines to reduce dependence on antibiotics. 


Rosli Mansor


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