Tapah-Bidor Emergency & Left Lanes to be Temporarily Closed For 5 Days 

Right Lane at KM329.65 to KM330.10 (South Bound) is accessible for all vehicles

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) places high priority on the safety and comfort of highway users and continuously seeks to improve both aspects on all its highways. 

Therefore, to allow for a pavement maintenance work to be carried out smoothly, the emergency and left lanes between Bidor and Tapah at KM329.65 and KM330.10 (South bound) will be temporarily closed to all vehicles for 5 days from 9:00am on November 15 (Monday) to 12:30pm on November 19 (Friday). 

However, the right lane of the affected stretch is still accessible for all vehicles. 

As such, all highway users heading south are strongly advised to plan their journey using the PLUS App and check the traffic conditions via CCTV feeds, while adhering to traffic signages and instructions by PLUS personnel when passing through the affected stretch. 

Additionally, highway users can get the latest traffic information through contacting the PLUSLine at 1800-88-0000. The hotline can also be used in the event of emergencies. 


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