On Ipoh Food: Xibei Good

SeeFoon Declares her love for Lard and Lardons

Have you ever pondered on what transports you back to your childhood? For some of my friends, it is songs, for others it’s ambience.

For me it’s primarily food and smells.

The smell of fish frying in the pan, or a rempah being sauteed or sambal belacan being toasted will jog taste memories and bring me back to a state of joy.

And the biggest instant jolt of all is the taste of certain dishes: like a raw egg on top of hot rice, ladled with homemade lard and sprinkled with Chu Yau Char (fried lardons).

I was recently transported back to my childhood when I had lunch at Xibei Good Restaurant. This is one restaurant which has gone under my food radar owing primarily to MCO but when John Chong posted pictures of the dishes on Facebook recently, I just had to make a trip…

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