Embracing the Cashless Culture with GrabPay

Going cashless simplifies life and removes the hassle of bringing a wallet everywhere we go, or at least ensuring we always have enough cash in it! It also aligns with the needs of today for minimal contact when it comes to making transactions, so why not give GrabPay a go?

Did you know that you can do more than book a ride and order food through the Grab app? You can also purchase daily essentials, send gifts to loved ones, pay household bills, reload mobile credit, shop online, and even make donations to various non-profit organisations (NPOs) and non-government organisations (NGOs) registered with Grab. 

To try out how effective and convenient the Grab app is, I topped up my GrabPay wallet and challenged myself to continue with my daily errands for five days without cash and any other forms of payment. It was just me, my phone, and the trusty Grab app. Mind you, tech and online activities are not my strong suit, hence, I’m always personally more comfortable with bringing cash. So stepping out of my house without a single cent did leave me a bit nervous. 

Topping up my phone credit via GrabPay is also so simple and easy. The amount was reflected in my account almost instantly! With my wallet loaded, some of the things I did were in-store shopping, ordering lunch and coffee, and taking a ride with Grab. I can confidently say that it has changed my perception of the cashless culture and I am ready to join the club!

Let’s start with booking a ride. One can tell that Grab values transparency and their users’ safety, as each designated driver’s picture, plate number and contact information is provided. It also shows the user where their driver is coming from and the estimated time they will arrive. 

You can also get daily essentials and groceries via GrabMart, saving you and your family the trouble of driving to the market, searching for a parking spot and mingling in what is usually a crowded area, thus reducing exposure to COVID-19. Or if you want a break from cooking, then check out GrabFood for your favourite cuisine or meal. 

During this challenge, the country went through one of the worst flooding disasters in years and many volunteered to help and donate. I was looking for an organisation to donate to the cause and discovered Grab’s collaboration with MERCY Malaysia under the #BantuanBanjir campaign, where users can donate with GrabRewards or via GrabPay, and Grab will match it.

Paying through GrabPay allowed me to earn GrabRewards points, which I can use to offset any future payments or to redeem discount vouchers. How to earn GrabRewards fast? Simple! Use GrabPay as often as you can. In fact, users can earn up to 1.8x back in savings when they earn GrabRewards for every GrabPay transaction. This means as you pay, you are also saving! How sweet is that?  

An easy-breezy shopping experience

I also took the opportunity to do my New Year’s shopping and what had me in such a jovial mood was being able to easily check off the boxes on my wishlist!

However, before you shop in-store, just make sure they accept GrabPay payment. Then you either scan the code, or the cashier scans your phone, and that’s it, no sweat! As for online shopping, GrabPay is also accepted by a variety of online shops. You can check out the full list of online shops that accept GrabPay here

The payment process is safe and secured through Grab’s multi-layered safety and security features. It ensures your wallet and data are secured when you perform transactions via GrabPay. On top of the OTP (one time password), users are required to set up Grab PIN as part of their sophisticated safety features.

To make shopping even more rewarding and affordable, Grab often runs discounts for users to enjoy amazing deals. In December, new GrabPay users were eligible for up to 50 percent discount on selected items, while existing users, 30 percent (under the applied terms and conditions, of course). I took this opportunity to treat myself with a travel backpack at a fairly reasonable price after the 50 percent discount—and since I paid with GrabPay, I earned even more GrabRewards points!

Other ways to maximise your usage of the Grab app

  • BillPay: Save yourself the trip, and pay your bills online! I know some people, especially senior citizens, who would rather still pay their bills physically, but if the pandemic has taught us anything, it would be: paying bills online is the most convenient and fastest way to go! 
  • GrabGifts: Grab’s revamped GrabGifts interface allows you to send gifts to your loved ones near and far throughout Malaysia. 
  • Insurance: Did you know that for only 35 cents, you can both insure every Grab ride you make, and get a voucher if your designated driver is late to pick you up? Also, I discovered I can buy travel insurance on Grab too! Will definitely keep this in mind when I plan my next holiday. 

As I mentioned earlier, I started this challenge a little apprehensive, but I must admit, going cashless isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it. And it does help when most, if not all, of my daily needs, can be solved by tapping some keys on my phone. 


  • Always look out for deals on the Grab app—be it for GrabFood, GrabMart or even GrabPay. You can get some pretty good discounts on selected items and free deliveries too!
  • Always select GrabPay as your prefered payment method so you can save more and earn GrabRewards points.  
  • Where possible, make use of your GrabRewards for savings on GrabPay transactions

I salute Grab for being so mindful and putting so many things within arm’s reach for its users. With the introduction of the new features, various services are just at the tip of our fingers.

Bring more convenience into your life and try out GrabPay. 


Gisele Soo


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